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Chie Harada (原田千絵?) is a secondary character in the anime and manga series My-HiME.She is voiced by Mitsuki Saiga in Japanese and Hazel Forman in English.

My-HiME animeEdit

Chie Harada is a classmate of Mai Tokiha , whom she sits directly behind. She offers her friendship on Mai's first day, introducing herself by poking Mai's sides playfully. She uses her cell phone's camera frequently to give interviews and is always searching for new gossip around the school, which develops into a running gag about her character.

After the events of the HiME festival progress and become dangerous enough for the Fuuka students to be dismissed, Chie and Aoi reluctantly leave Mai behind, though the other girl insists she can handle herself. In the end they return and are last seen at a picnic with the resurrected HiME.

My-HiME mangaEdit

Chie's role in the manga was more or less non-existent as Tate Yuuichi is the protaginist and Mai's relationships with her classmates are unexplored. She only shows up for a cameo role as one of the announcers during the battle between the Anti Orphan Squad and Ori-HiME unit to determine who are the strongest HiME in the school, and a few later cameo appearances.