Lena Sayers' Blue Sky Sapphire

A GEM (Generable Enigmatic Matrix) controls an Otome's access to her powers. The name "GEM" is actually a pun, as GEMs are named after actual gemstones and resemble them. They always come in pairs, one is worn on an Otome's left ear and the other is on a ring of the Otome's Master excluding the Columns, Pearls and Corals. This is purely ceremonial however as physical contact is all that is required evidenced by Mikoto who holds her GEM in her belly.

Except for the Five Columns, the GEM requires authorization from the Otome's master before it allows her to materialize her Robe. It is never clear how Meister GEMs are made in the anime; in the manga, in the opening of chapter 2, it is explicitly mentioned that Meister GEMs cannot be made. In either case, GEMs are preserved when an Otome cancels their contract, as is evidenced by the Pure White Diamond, the Sky Blue Sapphire and the Abyssal Green Jadeite. However, the Excel Elegance White Onyx is never shown after Fiar is killed by Midori. Some GEMs are also lost, such as the Neptune Emerald shown in the last episode of Mai-Otome Zwei.

List of GEMs and users Edit

Lofty Crimson Jade Blue Sky Sapphire Bound Dragons Rhodonite Neptune Emerald Pure White Diamond Ultimate Black Diamond
Lena Sayers Lena Sayers Raquel Mayol Nina Wáng Fumi Himeno Nina Wáng
Ayane Hazakura Arika Yumemiya
Galactic Aquamarine Ice Silver Crystal Bewitching Smile Amethyst Break String Spinel Swirling Dance Fluorite Eternal Recurrence Jasper
Sara Gallagher Natsuki Kruger Shizuru Viola Juliet Nao Zhang Maya Blythe Maria Graceburt
Elliot Chandler Iruma Vandeveld Una Shamrock
Stormy Sakura Chrysoberyl Whirlwind Rose Quartz Pure Heart Malachite Spiral Spin Serpentine Illusionary Lapis Lazuli Continental Orb Topaz
Sakura Hazakura Kyoko Shimabuki Akane Soir Shiho Huit Yukariko Steinberg Haruka Armitage
Excel Elegance White Onyx Abyssal Green Jadeite Infinite Wisdom Azurite Fire Stirring Ruby Rainbow Cloud Rhodonite Mysterious Peridot
Fiar Grosse Rosalie Claudel Ảnh Lữ Mai Tokiha Erstin Ho Akira Okuzaki
Rushing Dragon Lazulite Black Smoke Chrysoberyl
Rila Mariposa Nina Wáng

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