This article is a list of episodes produced for the Mai-Otome anime series, the second season of the Mai-HiME anime series. The series consists of 26 TV episodes, 9 omake episodes, and a 4-part OVA series that is currently being produced.

The Mai-Otome TV series originally aired on TV Tokyo from October 6, 2005 to March 30, 2006. Although billed as the second season of Mai-HiME, it takes place in a new setting with different main characters. Most Mai-HiME characters make reappeances in different roles. The 26 episodes were later released on 9 DVDs.

Like Mai-HiME, Mai-Otome also has omake included with each DVD release that provide supplementary information about the show. Unlike the Mai-HiME omake, the Mai-Otome omake are fully animated, with some material taken from the TV episodes and some new animated content. There are 9 omake episodes, 1 on each DVD.

Mai-Otome Zwei is a 4-part OVA series set 1 year after the events of the TV series. Four episodes on DVD, with the final episode having been released on 24 August, 2007.[1] Currently 3 DVD's of Mai-Otome 0~S.ifr~ a prequel to Mai-Otome with the first one having been released on February 22, 2008.[2]

TV EpisodesEdit

Title in English Title in Japanese Original Airdate Episode #
Dreamy Arika ユメノ☆アリカ 2005-10-06 01
Young Arika Yumemiya travels to the Kingdom of Windbloom in order to become an Otome. She soon becomes acquainted with Garderobe student Nina, Nina's foster father Sergay, and the rebellious princess Mashiro.
A Gust Running Through the Garden of Otome!? 乙女の園を駆ける疾風!? 2005-10-13 02
Deeply impressed after witnessing the power of Meister Otome Shizuru Viola, Arika is more determined than ever to become a real Otome and attend the school of Garderobe. However, before her wish can become reality, certain conditions must be met.
First Time はじめてのケ・イ・ケ・ン 2005-10-20 03
In order to acquire permission to attend the Otome school of Garderobe, unexperienced Arika must face Nina in an exhibition battle during the coronation ceremony of Mashiro.
Flaming Transfer Student!! 炎の転入生!! 2005-10-27 04
After a safe conclusion to the crisis of the previous episode, Arika is admitted to Garderobe and receives some important lessons on the way. She earns some new friends as well as some new enemies.
The Academy, the Uniform and Me♪ 学園と制服とあたし♪ 2005-11-03 05
Arika's studentship is put in jeopardy when her uniform appears in a store. To prove that she didn't sell the uniform, Arika places her trust in her new friends to uncover the true culprit.
Nina Entangled...orz ニナ、まかれる…orz 2005-11-10 06
Upperclassman Shiho's jealousy towards Nina reaches catastrophic heights, as she decides to sabotage the school's swimming pool during sports class. Once again, it's up to Arika and her friends to clean up the mess.
The Blue Dance/Oath of the Maiden 蒼の舞/乙女の契り 2005-11-17 07
While helping with the reconstruction of the royal palace, Arika hears a rumor about Mashiro. Arika and Mashiro find a mysterious machine beneath the castle.
Burden of Destiny 運命の軛 2005-11-24 08
After making a contract with Mashiro in the climax of the previous episode, Arika is now responsible for finding a way to cancel it. In order to learn more, Arika and her friends break into the Mausoleum of Gardebobe.
The Ocean - Swimsuit + Disaster = ? 海ー水着+遭難=? 2005-12-01 09
As a part of the Otome training, Arika's Coral class begins a 100 km hiking trip through Aries. With randomly chosen pairs, the students enter into wilderness, when things start to go wrong for Arika and her partner Erstin.
A Serious Otome Matter それが乙女の一大事 2005-12-08 10
Garderobe, Aries, Windbloom, and Artai move to rescue the two lost Coral students, as a mysterious group, Aswad, moves through the area.
Nina and Arika are sent to escort Mashiro to a meeting with royal guests from a neighbouring country. To avoid an international conflict when Mashiro runs away, Windbloom comes up with a hasty substitute.
Masquerade? 仮面舞踏かい? 2005-12-22 12
Arika impersonates the missing Mashiro and meets the foreign prince Takumi, while Nina pretends to be Arika. Meanwhile, Mashiro takes the name of Nina and ends up in the slums of Windbloom, where she meets a foreign boy.
In the Crimson Sky... 茜色の空に… 2006-01-05 13
Arika realizes she has developed feelings for Sergay, and is having hard time trying to choose between the fate of an Otome and finding a love of her life. Elsewhere, two Meister Otomes from different countries battle against each other.
Otome's SOS オトメのS・O・S 2006-01-12 14
Arika's friends become concerned over her strange behavior. Meanwhile, Shizuru investigates the boiling Otome conflict between the two countries of Romulus and Remus.
Arika -Cries- アリカ、泣く。 2006-01-19 15
Sergay rescues Arika from a dangerous situation, allowing her a chance to act on her feelings. Arika later talks to a similarly distressed Mashiro.
"It's a promise!" 「約束だよ!」 2006-01-26 16
Arika, Nina and Erstin all promise to become Meister Otomes together. However, Nagi de Artai and Schwarz begin a coup against Windbloom and Garderobe.
The Blue Dance/When Dreams Fall 蒼の舞/想い、散るとき 2006-02-02 17
With hostile forces invading the capital of Windbloom, all Otomes are summoned into battle. But an enemy plan causes the source of the Otome technology to shut down, and Arika finds herself fighting against her dearest friends.
Whiteout ホワイトアウト 2006-02-09 18
Three days after the disastrous raid against Windbloom, Mashiro is forced to join refugees fleeing from their homeland. Nina now serves as the Meister Otome of Nagi. Getting to know her exiled people better, Mashiro learns the painful truth about her leadership qualities.
Fateful 17-year-old 宿命の17歳 2006-02-16 19
Mashiro wakes up in the village of Aswad and is reunited with Arika. Elsewhere, Natsuki and Nao make their way toward the Republic of Aries in order to request help.
Don't Call me Ni-na ニーナと呼ばないで 2006-02-23 20
Being distanced from her old friends, Nina is drawn ever more closer to her foster-father Sergay. Natsuki's request for aid is turned down in Aries, so she's forced to seek help from Cardair, where the king has just sent his Otome to claim valuable data from the village of Aswad.
When the White Princess Awakens 白き姫、目覚めるとき 2006-03-02 21
Nagi discovers that the true heir to the throne might be Nina. Mashiro feels compassion for her exiled people and asks Aswad to take them in. Sergay forms a plan to capture Mashiro with the assistance of the Valkyrie unit.
Song of Destruction ホロビノウタ 2006-03-09 22
Aswad attacks Cardair in retribution for their betrayal. Back at the village, Sergay and the Valkyries arrive to take Mashiro and Arika by force. Meanwhile, Nagi has Nina activate the true power of the Harmonium.
Arika of the Mysterious Valley 不思議の谷のアリカ 2006-03-16 23
Arika, Mashiro and Miyu end up in the Black Valley, where they encounter Mai and Mikoto the Cat Goddess. Natsuki and Nao later join them. The title of this episode is a reference to Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind.
For Your Sake... あなたのために…。 2006-03-23 24
While plans to liberate Windbloom are underway, Sergay puts his life on the line in order to protect Nina and destroy the source of the power of the Slaves and Valkyries.
Maiden of the Blue Sky 蒼天の乙女 2006-03-30 25
Nina operates the Harmonium in order to save the fatally wounded Sergay. Meanwhile, Operation Liberate Windbloom is put into full action, with rival armies squaring off against each other and the Otome attempting to gain their powers back.
Dream☆Wing ~Whereabouts of a Dream Dream☆Wing ~夢の在処 2006-03-30 26
The Otome face off against Nagi and the power of the Harmonium, and Arika comes into conflict with Nina in a final battle.
  • Episodes 25 and 26 were aired as a 1 hour special.

DVD Omakes Edit

Title in English Title in Japanese Original Release Date Special #
The Great Fuka Battle My-HiME THE MOVIE 風華大戦 舞-HiME THE MOVIE 2006-01-27 01
This is a joke trailer for a My-HiME movie, supposedly taking place after the events of the My-HiME series.
This Week's Armitage This Week's Armitage 2006-02-24 02
Explaining events that took place after the incident in episode 4, this special features a broadcast from Aries television, dedicated to their Meister Otome.
Juliet's Conspiracy ジュリエットの陰謀 2006-03-24 03
Taking place after episode 8, Nina narrates the embarrassing story of what happens to those indebted to Nao.
Shiho Spirals シホまきまきの巻 2006-04-26 04
The "real" culprit behind the disasters that occurred during the Otome field trip in episodes 9 and 10 is revealed.
By the Red Sky 茜色の空の彼方 2006-05-26 05
This special reveals what happened to Akane and Kazuya after their elopement in episode 13 up until episode 24.
Graduation Memories: Erstin Ho's Last Smile エルスティン・ホー最後の微笑み~ 2006-06-23 06
Knowing the inevitable battle is coming, Erstin tries to enjoy her last days with her friends to the fullest.
In the Village of the Aswad ~ Midori and her pleasant companions ~ アスワドの村にて~ミドリと愉快な仲間達~ 2006-07-28 07
After the events of episode 17, Midori and Mikoto the cat both reveal their secrets.
The Legend of the Fire String Ruby ~ The Truth of Meister Mai ~ 炎綬の紅玉の伝説~マイスター・マイの真実~ 2006-08-25 08
An extension of the hot springs scene from episode 23, Mai reveals the truth behind her disappearance and the legend of the Tragic Otome.
My-Otome VS My-HiME 舞-乙HiME VS 舞-HiME 2006-09-22 09
Arika is confronted by Mai about how much her series was not a happy show full of moe. This special is also a teaser trailer for My-Otome Zwei.

My-Otome Zwei Edit

Title in English Title in Japanese Release Date OVA Episode #
The Dream Continues ユメノ☆ツヅキ 2006-11-24 1/4
After one year since the coup against Nagi, a powerful new enemy threatens to disturb the peace of the world. While Meister Arika is ready to protect the people, an argument between her and Queen Mashiro could prove to be her undoing.
Premonition of a Storm ア・ラ・シの予感 2007-02-23 2/4
Arika takes a trip to Aries to search for Mashiro. However, she becomes involved in a bus hijacking. To make matters worse, a mysterious Slave appears along with the shadowy entity that attacked Garderobe.
The Striped Dance/Labyrinth of the Maiden 縞の舞/乙女の迷宮 2007-05-25 3/4
Nao and Nina are investigating some hidden ruins that may hold the key to ending the current crisis. There they discover a book of importance. However the shadow entity is intent on stopping them at all costs and preventing the book from leaving the place.
Connecting Dreams つながるゆめ 2007-08-24 4/4
Leaving her past behind, Nina regains the powers of an Otome to help Arika in the final face off against the mysterious entity. The other Otomes aid by trying to stop Childs that have spawned across the world. Included is a teaser trailer for My-Otome 0.


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