In the My-Otome anime series, Mai Tohika is a much more relaxed and carefree person (to Natsuki's consternation), but still has good cooking skills. Despite her attitude, she is knowledgeable about Otome and political affairs, due to her status as a princess.[1]

Mai appears as a silhouette and in pictures in My-Otome episodes before her onscreen appearance, being referenced as the legendary "Tragic Meister" by other characters. It is n
ot until episode 23 that she finally shows her face onscreen when Arika,
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Mashiro, and Miyu arrive in the Black Valley. Mai lives there and serves as the Otome to Mikoto the Cat Goddess.

While Arika trains with Mikoto, Mai teaches Mashiro to become a better queen, due to the former position as royalty and Otome. Also, as a fellow Otome, Mai gives her teachings and supports to Arika, whenever and whatever possible. Mai and Mikoto escort Arika and Mashiro back to Windbloom, and Mai does battle against Nagi's forces.

In the first episode of the My-Otome Zwei OVA, Mai has set up a ramen shop in the Cat God Mountain Park, which Mashiro visits for food and advice. After a huge Slave appears, Mai and Arika do battle against it, combining their attacks to defeat it. However, before the two can celebrate, a shadowy being knocks Mai into the roof of a building and the Mountain vanishes. The next episode reveals that Mai and Mashiro have been missing since the incident. In the third episode shows that they have been relocated to an island somewhere otherwise unharmed.

In the 4th and final episode of My-Otome Zwei OVA, Mai's Child, Kagutsuchi, from the My-HiME Series, makes a surprise cross-over appearance having been summoned/created by the Founder of Garderobe, Fumi Himeno, and has got a tough time of battling against it. Eventually, she pulls out the sword attached at the head of Kakutsuchi, which causes it to revert back to a cat, with a cross-shaped Band-Aid on its forehead.


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