In the My-Otome manga series, Mai first appears at the end of chapter 31, the first of the HiMEs to be revived by Fumi. Sergay calls her the strongest HiME from the legend of "Seven Days of Flame" who burnt the world to the ground, citing her as an example of the superiority of the original HiMEs over the modern 乙–type HiMEs.[1]

This Mai has a bitter, nihilistic attitude. She becomes infuriated when Mashiro Blan de Windbloom's attitude reminds her of Yuuichi. She is defeated by Mashiro in chapter 42 and reunited with the spirit of Yuuichi.

The photograph held by the real Mashiro in chapter 42 reveals that her mother, the Empress of Windbloom, strongly resembles Mai. However, no information about her is given.

Powers Edit

The resurrected Mai displays the same powers as her My-HiME manga counterpart, having a strong resemblance to her QUEEN form. Her Kagutsuchi similarly resembles the dark Kagutsuchi from the My-HiME manga.

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