Mashiro Blan de Winbloom is the Princess and later on Queen of the kingdom of Windbloom. Her Otome is Arika Yumemiya.


During an attack on the Winbloom kingdom by Aswad, the former King and Queen were assasinated and Lena Sayers runs away with the new born Princess. To prevent her death, Lena took the baby and put her in an egg like carrier and let the infant baby float down a river current. Some days later a kingdom official proclaimed that he had found her. During her childhood Mashiro was a very spoiled child - something that she developed because she had overheard some of her attendants talked of how she may not be the real heiress.


Meeting Arika and NinaEdit

During one of her escapes Mashiro meats Arika Yumemiya and Nina Wáng while being persecuted by some of her guards. Not knowing the full extent of the situation the pair help Mashiro escape her persecutor. After beliving to be safe a Slave attack and Mashiro forms a Provisional Contract with Nina's Coral Gem.

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