Mikoto the cat is depicted as a fat black cat with a bell collar, a ring in its left ear, and a white x-shaped marking on its forehead. It is mostly seen lounging around Mashiro Blan de Windbloom or Arika Yumemiya. In episode 23, one of the cats is called Jubei by the Cat Goddess.

Other fat black cats are shown throughout the series; one with a crescent-shaped marking appears at the end of episode 22, and one with a z-shaped marking is with the Cat Goddess in episode 23. Another cat with a crescent shaped marking makes its first appearance in episode 22 relaying a message to Miyu Greer and is later seen in Mai-Otome Zwei accompanying Juliet Nao Zhang.

Mikoto the cat first appears in episode 1 in Aoi's arms, and is named in episode 2 when it leads Aoi to Mashiro. The cat plays a minor role in the anime as a source of comedy and a guide to Mashiro and Arika Yumemiya, accompanying one of the two in their journeys. In Mai-Otome Zwei, Mikoto the cat is mainly seen by Arika's side, traveling with her in episode 2 to find Mashiro. File:Mikoto's materialize.jpg

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