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Mikoto the Cat Goddess is a separate entity from Mikoto the Cat. She appears childish, similar to her Mai-HiME incarnations, but shows a better knowledge of combat and technology. She wears Buddhist robes and prayer beads around her neck and carries a traditional bronze staff shaped like a cat's head. She is inseparable from her Otome, Mai Tokiha; Mai herself states that despite attempting to escape, she was never successful.[1]

Episode 23 is the first appearance of the Cat Goddess. She helps train Arika Yumemiya to utilize her Robe's powers more efficiently and in episodes 25 and 26 helps Arika and Mashiro in their battle to reclaim Windbloom.

In the first episode of Mai-Otome Zwei, the Black Valley has been renamed the Cat God Mountain Park in Mikoto's honor. While Mashiro is visiting Mai's ramen shop, Mikoto senses the presence of a shadow being, though she inexplicably falls asleep. After activating Mai's Robe, Mikoto is taken to the top of the Cat God Mountain Park, which disappears with at the end of the episode. Images from the third episode picture Mikoto the Goddess asleep with Mikoto the cat.Mai are goddesses of cats.


Though unable to fly like other Otome, Mikoto the Cat Goddess is able to swing her staff powerfully and is very nimble. Mai states she has never defeated Mikoto in battle, even when materialized. Miyu states that Mikoto is the last person with natural materialization powers and calls her the "Crystal Princess." The Cat Goddess has a HiME mark in the same spot as her My-HiME incarnation.[2]

In the Black Valley, Mikoto has a series of cat statues which enable her to observe the world. She also had maintained a shadow version of herself to protect the Harmonium; the shadow form was defeated by Nina Wáng.[2]

In one of the DVD Omake chapters, Mikoto the cat is shown to be an Otome. Its "GEM," the ring in its left ear, displays "Cat No. 10" with an "Unknown" contract. It has a Coral GEM and fights in a Coral Robe, and does not appear to require contract confirmation[3] and this cat appears as an Otome in the Mai-Otome PS2 game.

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