Premonition of a Storm
Mai-Otome Zwei episode
Japanese DVD cover for Mai-Otome Zwei Volume 2
Episode no. Season OVA
Episode 2
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Original airdate February 23, 2007
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"Premonition of a Storm" is the second episode of the OVA series Mai-Otome Zwei and was originally released on February 23, 2007.

Plot Edit

The episode opens in Aries, Chie (now a Major) and her squad of Delta Otome are attempting to resolve a hostage crisis involving a bus that was hijacked by former Artai soldiers loyal to Nagi. The hijackers demand that their former Duke be released from prison in exchange for the hostages. Sara Gallagher, arrives on scene and briefs Chie and Haruka that Arika is onboard the bus, it is revealed that following the events of the previous episode, a distraught Arika left Windbloom and went off alone in search of Mashiro.

Despite the near-disastrous interference of presidential-candidate Wattarl Ishgami and his girlfriend, former antagonist Tomoe Marguerite, Arika is saved by a rescue attempt from Yukino, Haruka, Sara Gallagher (using the Surrogate System), and her squad of Delta Otome. However, once the hijackers have been neutralized a large flower-like tendril emerges from the ground below the bus. A Slave-like creature (which Sara calls a 'Child') emerges form the 'bulb' of the object and Haruka materializes her robe to do battle with the creature together with the rest of the Otome, during the battle, the Child displays the ability to regenerate its injuries. To make matters worse, the shadowy figure (now in the form of Fumi) reappears, attacking both Sara and Haruka. The Child is eventually destroyed by Chie and her Delta Squad but Haruka is turned to stone by the shadowy figure, which then flies off.

In Artai, Nagi is being questioned by Natsuki and Arika following the incident at Aries. He mentions that 'she' is here and that the petrified victims have had their nano-machines hardened, though still alive they are trapped in stone form. Nagi mentions he learnt this from a book he had found in one of the ruins of Artai.

The episode concludes with Nao, currently at a bar in Artai with Yamada and the rest of the Stripes gang, receiving a visitor; Nina Wáng.