Reito does not initially appear in Mai-Otome, but the character Rad has his voice. Rad is a cyborg and member of the Aswad. While originally human, the mysterious disease that plagues that Aswad progressed to a point where he had to have his nervous system and brain implanted in a metal body to continue living. 14 years prior to the main events of My-Otome, he was one of the attackers on the Windbloom Kingdom, coming into conflict with the former Otome Lena Sayers and killing her. He can summon a dog-like slave similar to a Cerebrus and fights with a double-bladed spear. His body is now expiring, as all cyborgs in the Aswad eventually do, which will result in his eventual death.

In one episode, Yohko Helene looks at a photograph of herself and Midori that was taken when they were younger. Reito can be seen in it. She proceeds to call Rad Reito when they meet, confirming that Rad is indeed Reito, although the cyborg disowns his past identity.

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