In the Mai-Otome anime Shiho Huit is a Pearl Otome along with Chie and Akane, and her mental instability is used as comic relief, in particular her rivalry and attempts to sabotage the careers of those she sees as insulting of Cardair, her homeland. She has a great rivalry with Juliet Nao Zhang.

Shiho is best known for the voodoo-like practices she uses to curse others, a trait that earns her the nickname of "Uzumaki" (literally "spiral") and her chanting of "Maki Maki" (turn turn) which becomes a running gag, as well as the tendency for her sabotage attempts to backfire. After the invasion of Garderobe she takes Lilie Adean and Yayoi Alter into the woods in order to spin for her success, something that eventually allows Chie to break free of her command restraint and take a hit for Arika Yumemiya.

She eventually becomes the Otome for Florince in the place of Akane Soir, who elopes with Kazuya, and gains a Meister GEM known as the Spiral Spin Serpentine (螺旋の蛇紋石 Rasen no Jamonseki) that utilizes her spiraling abilities. Her Robe resembles her Child from the My-HiME anime and has a skull motif.

She is seen briefly in the background of the first episode Mai-Otome Zwei in the first scene, where she is crouched in the corner and spiraling. In the third episode she is one of the Otome in the bath during the SOLT and reveals her dislike for Rosalie Claudel, the other Otome of Florince. When Shiho's top is stolen by a drunken Ahn Lu it is also revealed that Shiho stuffs her bra.

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