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    The Shoryuken (昇龍拳 Shouryuuken?, "Rising Dragon Fist") is a special move from the Street Fighter series, used by Ryu and Ken. The Shoryuken also appears in crossover story Street Fighter X Mai-HiME, where only two HiMEs can use this move - Mai Tokiha and Natsuki Kuga. Natsuki learns this move while fighting Ryu and Mai inherits this move while defeating an Orphan that attacked Hokuto's dojo in that very story.

    The move is a jumping uppercut in which the user spins and rockets upwards with some horizontal movement as well, knocking the opponent to the ground with much damage.

    Ryu focused on making his Shoryuken hard-hitting, usually hitting in one blow and knocking the opponent on his back. Though still necessarily weaker than Ken's, it is powerful;…

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  • Pat141elite

    The Satsui no Hado  (殺意の波動, Satsui no Hadou, lit. "Surge of the Murderous Intent"), also known as the Dark Hado (ダーク ハドウ), is an evil, demonic energy that is most known for its use by the likes of Akuma, as well as Ryu's struggle against it, seen in Capcom's popular fighting game series, Street Fighter.

    The Satsui no Hado made its debut during the first World Warrior Tournament, where Ryu unknowingly awakened something inside of him to defeat Sagat in a drastic effort.

    Originally, Ryu scarred Sagat with a single Shoryuken. It was later retconned in Street Fighter Alpha that Ryu lost control of himself and his rage by rising up fist first, scarring Sagat with a Metsu Shoryuken instead. His attack took on the properties of Goutetsu's original a…

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  • Pat141elite

    Street Fighter X My-HiME (or Street Fighter X Mai-HiME) (ストリート·ファイターX 舞-HiME, Sutorito Faita Kurosu Mai-HiME) is a fanfiction crossover story by TheEternalRival (my username in This features entirely many characters from the Street Fighter and My-HiME rosters.

    Ryu was asked by his master Gouken to bring three young women  from the Fuka Academy who are believed to have magical powers that may have possible connection to the Satsui no Hado. He along with Ken and Sakura, the three set out on a journey in the world of the HiMEs.

    As usual, Ryu (who represents the Street Fighter universe), and Natsuki (from the My-HiME roster) are the center characters of the story.

    Throughout the story, which unbeknownst to Ryu and company, two crimi…

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